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Stay safe and use our digital services for your transactions (online money transfer, mobile money transfer, phone money transfer) through which you can complete your transactions 24 hours a day.

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The majority of Western Union – PayLink service points remain open:
The usage of protective mask is obligatory.

Our sub-agents have implemented all the protective measures and allow a limited number of people to be inside the stores.
Please avoid queues and gatherings. Operating hours may have changed so please contact directly each location before your visit.
Find your nearest Western Union – PayLink service point

As of Saturday 7/11, a general traffic ban is in force due to prevention from COVID-19.

Below you can find useful information in order to continue using Western Union – PayLink money transfer and bill payment services as you always did.
Please find here which type of bills you can pay

What do I need to be able to make my money transfer via a Western Union – PayLink service point?
Remember, you must always carry an identity card or passport (or even residence permit if needed) and your protective mask.

To be able to move freely in the streets on your own you must carry a Type B certificate, either in hard copy or by sending a free SMS to 13033.
All the information to do it right can be found at

Our money transfer service belongs to category 3. “I am going to the Bank for a transaction that cannot be done electronically”

We are always here for you and you can contact us
free of charge at 8001002020 or at (+30) 210 900 5000 from your mobile daily from 8am to 9pm.